We provide you with the highest level of services

    01. Smart

    To carry on the business of an employment agency and to act as agents for foreign and local principals to Recruiting and supplying personnel for all categories of employment abroad and in SriLanka.

    02. Stable

    To carry on the business of employment counselors and recruiting agents and to offer,Provide,Procure employment facilities to persons in SriLanka

    03. Dynamic

    To undertake and recruit or arrange for or advise on recruitment of specialists experts,employees and workers of all grades and skill of any trade or vocation for employment on

    04. Grow

    To carry on the business of foreign tour management & Airline ticketing Services,Airline representatives for the purpose providing travel facilities to the aforesaid purposes.

    The NetpearlInternational

    Netpearl International is an strong foreign employment agency in Sri Lanka and we are specialist for Israel foreign employments. Expect the foreign employment; we are specialists in visa handling and tour organizing. So far we have provided our successful service over thousands clients in Sri Lanka. The agency has established on 12th Jan 2012, under the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment & holding a valid company License No. 2656. In simple words, Our Agency has created a grate Name in Sri Lanka, within last year & we facing this competitive field successfully in short term. And also we have lot of experienced, clever, active employees for caregivers & we are working under a job order system in SriLanka. Specially we are thinking to provide honorable service to our customers & our partners, who are working with our agency. that’s our main purpose. We give you the better service between that employee’s agreement periods.

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    Construction Coordinator- Female

    Place- Netpearl International Person to handle building construction work preferably Lady with 5-10 years experience in civil engineering field. EmailYour CV to netpearlint@gmail.com

    Loan/Recoveries Officer- Female

    Place- Netpearl International Experienced banker requires to handle loan (property) matters Age between 40-50 years A Male. EmailYour CV to netpearlint@gmail.com